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Venpelli's Ultimate Duo

Proven IPL technology and painless skin cooling Freddo technology couple

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a dermatological technology used for procedures like hair removal and treating discoloration. It works by emitting multiple light wavelengths into the skin's second layer, converting light into heat energy. This targets unwanted melanin or destroys hair follicles, reducing hair growth over time.

Venpelli is one of the few to bring IceTouch to IPL home devices

incorporates the use of clinical sapphire contact cooling, which is widely recognized as one of the most effective cooling devices in the field. By implementing this innovative cooling system, not only does it significantly enhance the overall comfort level experienced by patients, but it also plays a crucial role in minimizing potential side effects that may arise during treatment. In addition, the cooling mechanism serves as a catalyst in maximizing the effectiveness of the intended procedure, ensuring optimal results and user satisfaction.

What to expect?

To achieve smooth results, regular use of the Venpelli device is key. This IPL technology specifically targets hair in the anagen/growth phase. When the light is absorbed by the melanin in the follicle, it transforms into heat, ultimately destroying the follicle and causing it to become dormant and wither over time.

In less than 4 weeks of consistent treatments, you'll begin to see visible hair growth reduction. *3 treatments per week

After 8 weeks of consistent bi-weekly treatments, the hair follicles start to shrink and the hair root begins to fall out. *2 treatments per week

After 9 weeks Most people will have achieved desired results by this stage, with skin becoming smooth and hair-free. *1-2 monthly maintenance treatments

Why Freddo sapphire?

Sapphire is widely chosen for its exceptional light transmittance and thermal conductivity, making it an ideal choice for professional IPL machine handles. Featuring outstanding cooling capabilities, it is regarded as one of the most effective cooling devices available. With its advanced cooling method, Sapphire ensures enhanced comfort for patients while reducing the occurrence of side effects. Moreover, it significantly enhances the efficacy of treatments, offering optimal results.

Venpelli IPL devices come equipped with cutting-edge sapphire lamp heads renowned for their exceptional cold conductivity. In combination with the innovative Quadro cooling system, these devices effectively regulate the temperature of the sapphire heads to a refreshingly cool 50°F during hair removal treatments. This remarkable feature greatly enhances the comfort of IPL hair removal procedures, allowing the skin to easily adapt to higher energy levels and ultimately increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Save Money And Valuable Time

Choose Venpelli IPL and get more free time for yourself and save more money in your wallet.

Shaving ...... $10,000 Life Time

Waxing ...... $23,000 Life Time

Laser ...... $64,000 Life Time

Venpelli IPL ...... 179/$259 One-Off Investment

*Average US hair removal expense from American Laser Center


Venpelli Safety quarantee

IPL Has 5 International Authoritative Certifications For Your Safe Use

Does IPL Is Right For You?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal technology functions by releasing high-intensity light pulses. These pulses are absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles, subsequently turning into heat, causing damage to the hair follicles and preventing hair regrowth.

It's crucial to mention that IPL is more beneficial for individuals with lighter skin complexion and darker hair shades. This effectiveness is due to the absorption of light energy predominantly by the melanin pigment found in the hair. Conversely, people with darker skin complexions might face potential skin damage as the abundant melanin in their skin could absorb the light energy.

Similarly, IPL may not work efficiently on people with lighter hair shades like blonde, gray, or red. The reason behind this is that these hair shades contain less melanic pigment, making it difficult for the IPL device to effectively aim at the hair follicles.

To ensure the success and safety of IPL hair removal, we encourage customers to check the provided skin tone graph prior to making a purchase.

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